KPAY Digital Marketing

We are a KinnectPay Enterprises LLC Company that provides digital marketing solutions beyond just a website

What We Do?

Kpay Digital Marketing defines, expands, and redefines companies. Our team covers an extensive part of the Digital Market Services.

Why We Do It?

We believe in “kinnecting” businesses with people so that everyone is Making Money, Saving Time, and Saving Money!

Services include:
  • Custom Logos: $100
  • Custom Professional Business Cards (F/B Colored w/ Free Shipping): 500-$45 or 1000/$55
  • Online Marketing for your Business (Facebook & Twitter) Posting 3 Times a Day 5 Days a Week: $50 per Month
  • Featured Business or product our #Greenpill Blogs, Online Magazine, and Major Social Networks $35
  • SEO Marketing (Reach more clients via Google) Starting @ $450/month. (Good for reaching 200-500 local potential clients per month)
  • Custom New Business or Personal Websites: (3 Pages or Less) $450
  • Brand Management/Marketing Consulting (Free Quote)
  • Direct Marketing Services: Door to Door Sales or Business to Business, Loss Leader Coupons, Flyers, Door Hangers and More!!

Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Newsletters, Video Blogs, and Creative Events just to name a few.

Ask for Custom Packages to get discounts. Every package includes a $25 referral program. For more information just call us @ 1-877-966-4445