I’m forging not only muscles and a sleek new body, but something even more precious, a mental fortitude to overcome obstacles in life.


In October, I began working out at The Forge (Click here to find out more)here in Columbus, Texas. The Forge is a coaching gym specializing in strength & conditioning training, but from this I’ve gained some wisdom mentally in this experience I’d like to share:

1) Always have someone hold you accountable. I realized the reason my other workouts at home didn’t work was because I would be accountable to myself only. When someone else is holding you accountable, they push you past your comfort zone and motivate you to do better. At home I could slack off when I wanted to because no one would really know, at the gym everyone is doing their best which drives you to do your best. Sometimes their some healthy competition as well. Who is your accountability partner?

2) Determine what your Y is. One of the first things Ryan Walla told me to do is figure out Y I’m working out. Your Y pushes you through the hurt, struggle, and pains of progress. So you have to make sure you understand what your Y really is and it has to be something powerful. Your Y has to be deeper than money, abs, and other materialistic and self-gratifying things. Your Y has to be bigger than you! So ask yourself the question “What is your Y?”

3) Having a mentor. A mentor teaches and guides you the down the right path.  Everyone needs someone to mentor them. If you currently don’t have a mentor find one that can show and give the tools necessary in order for you succeed. I sometimes, have a hard time in my squats keeping my form because my knees buckle. Ryan does a great job correcting my posture by showing a better technique. That’s what great mentors do, they show you a better way doing things. They don’t force it on you, but they show you. It’s up to you to implement what they are giving you.

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