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Vendor Announcement at the Power of Kinnections Conference 2017

“My name is Sonia Smith and I am a Traci Lynn fashion jewelry consultant. Traci Lynn fashion jewelry has been around since 2008 and was started by Dr. Tracy Land with $200. It has grown into a multi-million dollar direct sales organization that I am proud to be... read more


February 9, 2017 You might recognize this rockstar from America’s Got Talent Season 11! NEXTonSCENE with JZ we learn all about how Sky Katz fell into the world of music. On the podcast JZ asks Sky “What was the first rap song that ever inspired you?”... read more

Need Help Planning your New Year Resolution?

Have you thought about what you want from life next year? Have you reviewed your progress of 2016? Here is a questionnaire to help you being planning your New Year’s  resolution for 2017. read more

Lessons Learned from The Forge, by Joel N. Usher

I’m forging not only muscles and a sleek new body, but something even more precious, a mental fortitude to overcome obstacles in life.   In October, I began working out at The Forge (Click here to find out more)here in Columbus, Texas. The Forge is a... read more

NEXTonSCENE Weddings & Elite Workshops with Andrea Delucia!

NEXTonSCENE we have the inspiring entrepreneur Andrea Delucia. Currently based out of Belmont, MA;  Andrea has made a super successful career in the wedding world for the past thirteen years. Three years into freelancing for Bobbi Brown & Tarte,  Andrea fell into... read more