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Vendor Announcement at the Power of Kinnections Conference 2017

“My name is Sonia Smith and I am a Traci Lynn fashion jewelry consultant. Traci Lynn fashion jewelry has been around since 2008 and was started by Dr. Tracy Land with $200. It has grown into a multi-million dollar direct sales organization that I am proud to be... read more


February 9, 2017 You might recognize this rockstar from America’s Got Talent Season 11! NEXTonSCENE with JZ we learn all about how Sky Katz fell into the world of music. On the podcast JZ asks Sky “What was the first rap song that ever inspired you?”... read more

Job Search 101: Top 5 Job Hunting Tips

Finding a job is hard, in fact for me finding a job is much harder than keeping one. I’m an excellent employee. Unfortunately I tend to overwork and over stress myself in the process. For this reason my husband and I have decided it is much easier and better for our... read more

Starting an At Home Business

So you want to start a business from home, well I will be the first person to tell you it isn’t easy. I’ve been bumbling along with this blog for two full years now (just started year three) and my first piece of advice to anyone is do not quit your day job right... read more Income Mixer

Kinnectpay will be hosting a series of events this year.Every month you can check out one of their income mixers. Learn more about Kinnectpay and how it works. Taking place January 26th at the Nesbitt Memorial Library, in Columbus, TX. Start off the 2017 New Year... read more What’s New in the New Year?

You may have noticed I have been talking quite a bit about this new social networking site I really think a lot of what they are doing is awesome. After all how much time do we spend on social media. The thing is it is not going away. Social media is... read more

Kinnectpay’s New Years’ Resolutions

 I asked my fellow team mates at Kinnectpay what their new years resolutions were and this is what they had to say. Joel Usher is the CEO and founder of Kinnectpay a true entrepreneur and devout family man Joel had this to say both to the members of the Kinnectpay... read more

Need Help Planning your New Year Resolution?

Have you thought about what you want from life next year? Have you reviewed your progress of 2016? Here is a questionnaire to help you being planning your New Year’s  resolution for 2017. read more