Small business ownership has definitely made a come back in the past decade or so. With the internet and social networking the world is  our oyster and you can find a market for just about anything these days as long as you have the Drive, Flexibility, Passion, and Communication skills to sell your product and/or skill set. There is really no limit to what you can do as a small business owner. One man recently went on the Television show Shark Tanks to sell his idea of selling stick drawings of cats. After his debut on the show he received nearly a million order requests at $10 a drawing he made bank. How to know if you can make it as a small business owner.



Do you have drive? Are you Goal oriented? Do you have a reason motivating you to keep moving forward despite the road blocks, lack of sleep, and hard work you will most definitely be putting in? If you want to be a small business owner the first thing you need to understand is that it takes a lot of work to build a business, no one captures success in a day, it is done by trial and error and with lots of hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years of hard work. My blog has been up and running for almost two years and I have yet to make a dime directly related to my blog. The money I have made from writing is small. However, a lot of trial and error took place. I have learned so much in the last two years and I  am sure that come next year I will see bigger and better results of my labor.

Kinnectpay has been working towards its goal of a website that pays people to connect for a number of years as well. This year they went live and have started hosting monthly events to bring notice to the website. In time they will grow as well. Kinnectpay aims to assist small businesses reach their goals by providing marketing campaigns, motivation, and camaraderie between small business owners. It is important to set goals for yourself when starting a new business. The goals she not only outline goals for your business, but goals for how the business will help you out either financially, spiritually, or even health wise. There are so many reasons to go into business for yourself some people do it so they can spend more time with their children, others do it to help get themselves out of debt. Others feel a spiritual calling to the work that they are doing. Finally, some are not in good enough health to maintain a 9-5 job. It may be they have anxiety, or that they are in and out of the hospital/ Dr’s offices to often. What ever your reason for starting your own small business keep it in mind as you create and develop your goals.



It is important that when you are running your small business whether you are doing it along side a full time job at an office or as a parent that you make the necessary time your business needs in order to flourish. As a parent it can be easy to allow your children to take up all of your waking hours, but its important that when running your own business you find and use every minute wisely. If that email needs to get sent out this morning and can’t wait the 30-40 minute morning routine you have with your little one, then let the little one sit in the crib for ten extra minutes while you write and send that email. Do you have 3 posts to write in a week or three orders to fill before the week is up and its only Monday? I’m not saying to complete ignore your other responsibilities, but if you need to find someone to watch your little one for an hour or so while you work do it. If you need to just stick them in their play pen with cartoons while you work do it.

It is important to find extra time in all aspects of your day. Currently Kinnectpay is working on a way to assist your with saving time on your marketing by updating the site so that all posts that you make on their website will automatically be updated to your other social networking accounts if you choose. Once the update has been completed and confirmed I will post an article providing more information. There are many ways to work out a good routine for your day to day activities related to your business. Some small businesses may find it better to keep a routine like 9-5, but others may have better luck with an evening routine or a fractured routine that changes by the month. It is important to know how to prioritize and use your time in order to be a successful small business owner.



You will not have a successful business if you do not love what you are doing. You must be passionate about your work. Passion provides you with your Drive and helps you to develop and reach goals you had previously thought beyond your capabilities. If you do not love the business you are getting into then eventually it will seem like work or any other job. So when decided what type of small business to start choose something that brings you joy. Do you love writing? Starting a blog or becoming a freelance writer or editor could be small business for you. Do you enjoy sewing, baking, crochet, what about gardening? As I mentioned earlier one man manages to make a living selling stick figure cat pictures.

Is there a need in your community, that you feel you can really fill? If your community needs something and you have a means of filling it that just might be the business you should develop and create. Kinnectpay was originally developed by Joel Usher because he felt that social networking users should be able to make a profit off of their social networking habit. Social networking sites are free because they sell the information provided by their users to  other businesses. They follow your history and sell advertising space to businesses that relates to  your search and check in histories. Joel felt that in and individuals personal information was being used to make money part of that money should go back to the individual. Joel is passionate about making Kinnectpay the leading social networking site one day.



You can not gain support, or customers without communicating and networking for your business. Good communication skills can make or break a business, you must be willing to call strangers, email people, and introduce yourself face to face with other individuals. If you are not comfortable with communicating with others or if you often find yourself not coming across how you intended to then starting your own business could prove difficult.

It is important when running a small business that you stay in communication with not just everyone involved, but your customer base as well. A great way to do that is via social networking. Updating your networking sites regularly will provide you more web activity and increase your sales as a result. If you want assistance in expanding your social network reach consider joining Kinnectpay.com today.